Thank you for the feedback!

As we get closer to narrowing down our product for purchasing, the orders are flying in!  Do not lose out on this free product, all we ask is that you give us some feedback and that is what you are doing!  Thank you Here are a few of our comments we received. “I love Hip [...]

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Great Feedback! Keep it coming

“Very effective! Happy too that it is natural and not filled with chemicals.” Absolutely correct! No chemicals what so ever. All of our oils are organic botanical essential oils.   “I have tried A LOT of products for dryness and pain r/t menopause sex post chemo therapy.  The gel cap is BY FAR the BEST [...]

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More Satisfied Clients

On October 1st, 2016 we had our first booth set up at a convention for woman cancer survivors.  We had no idea what to expect as we anxiously watched the ladies pile through the doors of the banquet hall.  Focusing on the shuffle of the crowd we noticed that the ladies were heading right towards [...]

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Some more wonderful feedback to share!

“I have used the intimate oil only once and for the first time since I’ve been on meds for my breast cancer, I’ve been able to have sex completely pain free.  We have tried lots of different lubricant to combat the pain and although they have helped a little, nothing compared to this.  I cried [...]

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Another Satisfied Client!

“Wonderful product! I immediately experienced increased pleasure and decreased discomfort during intimacy with my spouse.  This lovely lubricant has fully restored my sexual health.  Thank you so much!”

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This is what we strive for

“My sex life has never been better! My skin is normally very sensitive to lubricants so going through "chemo pause" I didn’t want to use anything synthetic and at the same time really needed moisture for day to day comfort as well as for sexual comfort.  No irritation at all and application doesn’t leave me [...]

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Recent Reviews Worth Your Time

Here are some recent comments on our review page that confirm what I already knew about these products. Overall Satisfaction: “I have been searching for 10 years for a product that can help me and I’ve finally found it.  All I can say is absolutely amazing!”  Regarding the Intimate Oil:  “No burning at all I [...]

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This is about as good a comment as we’ve had so far.

Here is a comment I can relate to.  And it sets out once again the difference between vaginal wellness and sex.  "The moisture drops were amazing! So much so I didn't even need the lubricant. No skin irritation and smelled wonderful. Also felt an increase in libido! Great for dealing with chemo associated menopause. Can't [...]

This is about as good a comment as we’ve had so far.2019-12-30T00:11:07+00:00