Bergamot oil is known for the multiple benefits it offers to its users. This oil can be used to enhance your mood, kill bacteria and even heal scars. It can also help with muscle tension and headaches, along with hormonal and digestive juices. Bergamot oil is truly a miracle worker in more ways than one.

The many uses of bergamot oil include:

Anti-Cancer Properties: Citrus extracts, such as bergamot essential oil, have anti-cancer properties.

Antidepressant: Depression can cause many symptoms such as fatigue, low sex drive, and sad feelings. Studies show that bergamot oil creates a feeling of joy, stimulation, and energy.

Cures Infections: This oil inhibits the growth of viruses, fungi, and germs. It can also kill infections in the intestines, colon, kidney and urinary tract.

Heals Skin: Using this oil on the skin can help to tone, minimize the look of scars, and add elasticity.

Pain Reduction: Bergamot can lessen the sensitivity of the nerves that create pain. This makes it a great oil to reduce muscle aches, headaches, and the symptoms of sprains.

Stress Reliever: Bergamot is a relaxant, which helps reduce nervous tension, anxiety and stress. Because this oil can stimulate hormones, the release of dopamine and serotonin are induced and the feeling of relaxation and sedation take place.

The only reported side effects from using bergamot oil on the skin is that it may increase sensitivity to sunlight. If applying to your skin along with a medication that increases sensitivity to sunlight you could increase your chances of a sunburn. Always use your favorite carrier oil with bergamot to ensure the proper delivery into your skin.