Grapeseed Oil has a rich profile of linoleic acid, vitamin E, and oligoelements, an antioxidant that is about 50 times stronger than vitamins C and E. The benefits of grapeseed and Vitamin E are that they have anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, deeply moisturizing and nourishing effects. This oil will calm and sooth irritated and dry tissue.

Grapes have been used in healing rituals for thousands of years. Grape leaves were used to stop bleeding, pain, and inflammation. The sap of grapevines was used to treat skin and eye diseases, and the unripe grapes were used to treat sore throats.

Studies show that grape seed oil can help with the following:

Chronic venous insufficiency
High cholesterol
High blood pressure
Improving night vision
Alzheimer disease
Diabetes (improving blood sugar control
Protecting collagen and elastin in skin (anti-aging)
Treating hemorrhoids
Protecting against oxidative rancidity and bacterial pathogens