Alicia is very prone to getting cellulitis in her arm because she has had her lymph nodes removed because of cancer. I noticed on Sunday night her arm was very hot and red. She sent a note to her doctor with pictures but I decided to try the CBD Balm on her arm along with a lymph drainage massage. I am not even kidding her arm was back to normal Monday morning.

In the meantime, the doctor replied and said to absolutely go on antibiotics it is definitely cellulitis just from looking at the pictures. Alicia decided to wait and see what happens, so again last night I put the CBD Calming Balm on her arm and did a lymph massage. Still, it looks great!

I did pick up her meds just in case, she does need to start taking them but holy cow! That is seriously amazing! It makes sense it works because the CBD goes to that layer of skin that as the “itis” and calms the inflammation.