“I have been suffering from sciatica for many years and have tried multiple different creams, home remedies, brand name items that swear it gives you relief.  I have to say that at first some of the products gave me a little relief, temporary relief but none were able to do for me what your Hip Hemp Rejuvenating Balm has done.  When I first use the balm it gives me almost immediate relief that lasts for many hours.  I normally apply in the morning and then before bed.  Now it has actually begun to heal the affected area!  The relief I get from the pain gives me a chance to do physical therapy stretches which help to speed up the healing.

I have and will continue to recommend this product to anyone and everyone.  When I use the balm I do not need to take as much IB Profin or other pain medications that can cause more damage to my body.   Thank you Hip Hemp for creating such a wonderful “miracle balm”.

Sherri K.  Salem, OR.