I am a stage 3 breast cancer survivor who suffers from lymphedema in my right arm and neuropathy in both of my feet. This was caused by the cancer and the treatment that saved my life from the cancer. The neuropathy in my feet was so bad that I would wake up in the middle of the night and ping pong off the walls because I couldn’t feel my feet. I also broke my ankle and leg in 3 different places while hiking, again because I could not feel my feet, so I did not know that I stepped on a rock that was raised up just enough to cause this horrible accident. I had to be rescued off the mountain by search and rescue, all because of neuropathy.

The doctor’s prescribed me three different types of medication that either did not work very well, or if they did work cost an arm and a broken leg even with insurance. I was introduced to Hip Hemp’s CBD calming and rejuvenating balm for pain that I was having from my day to day life. One night before bed I put some of the calming on my feet and bad ankle because they were achy from the day of hard work. I woke up in the middle of the night half expecting to lose my balance from lack of feeling in my feet and to my surprise, I had feeling, and it was not painful!

I decided to try the calming balm the next night, and same results! No pain and no numbness. I thought I would give the rejuvenating a try one night since the peppermint seemed like a great idea on feet. Well, let’s just say that my peppermint feet under a hot blanket was probably not a good idea. The rejuvenating balm is nice for muscle, skin and feet when I am not going to restrict the air flow to my body. I still use calming balm every night on my feet and with the help from my doctor, I am slowly tapering off my neuropathy medications!

I decided to write this long testimonial because of another amazing experience I had with the CBD balms from Hip Hemp. Not only do I have a history of neuropathy, but I also am prone to cellulites in my right arm. I had to have my lymph nodes removed because the cancer had spread into that area from the lump in my breast. Anytime I get a cut or scratched anywhere on my right arm or hand, it never fails that I get cellulites.

One night before going to bed I noticed that my arm was red and warm to the touch, I instantly knew that it was because of cellulites and I need to get into the doctor for an antibiotic. Unfortunately, it was a Sunday, and I was not about to pay the outrages cost of an ER or urgent care visit. I took a picture of my arm and emailed it to my doctor, knowing I will need antibiotics.

As I was rubbing CBD on my feet, I thought why not give it a try on my arm? I had my wife do a “lymph drain” and massage some CBD oil into my skin. The next morning, I got up and my arm was no longer red or warm to the touch. I received an email later that day from my doctor that she had called in some antibiotics for my arm as just by looking at the pictures she could tell it is indeed cellulites. I did pick up the antibiotics just in case I need them. That night I had my wife rub some more on my arm and do another lymph node massage just to make sure that the cellulites stays away.

I am amazed to say that a week later I still have no signs of cellulites and have not started the antibiotics.