3 Creative Uses For Intimate Massage Oils

Other than “intimate” massage ;-P


Hip Hemp | Dante Haruna

Published May 13, 2020


Pouring oil from a jug into a bowl on a white marble table.

Pouring oil from a jug into a bowl. (New Africa/Adobe Stock)

You are interested in trying our line of Intimate Massage Oils for the first time and you love multipurpose products.

Or you’re a proud user and are curious to know what else they can do.

Or perhaps you are a collector of knowledge and you know that the day will come when Hip Hemp becomes so famous that the facts of its existence enter the halls of your local trivia nights and reading this blog will help your future trivia team win (we all have dreams).

Whatever the case may be, this blog is for you. So,… LET’S 👏 GET 👏 TO 👏 IT 👏 !

Here are THREE creative uses for Intimate Massage Oils. And please, DO try these at home.

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Hairstylist applying revitalizing oil drops on a client’s hair.

Hairstylist applying revitalizing oil drops on a client’s hair. (Microgen/Adobe Stock)

Number one. Hair oil treatment.

You are probably thinking, “Lube in my HAIR!?” … I know, but these products are more than just an intimate lubricant.

You want to start with dry, clean hair. If it’s excessively dirty or sweaty, wash it and let it air dry before continuing.

Apply a generous amount of oil onto your scalp. I recommend using our Unwind Intimate Massage Oil. Gently work it into your skin, focusing on the hair roots. Take your time with this process as you enjoy your own personal head massage. Your hair should feel slick and heavy.

Once evenly distributed across your scalp and hair, wrap a bandanna around your hairline to prevent any excess oil from dripping. Your bandanna will be lightly stained, so make sure you’re okay with this. If your hair is shoulder length or longer, you will want to wrap and secure it in place. Leave the oil in your hair for a minimum of 1 hour. I recommend 2 hours if you have the time. You can even choose to let it sit overnight, just make sure to place an old towel on top of your pillow to avoid staining.

After the oil has been allowed to soak in, rinse your hair using your normal shampoo/conditioner routine. You may find that you need to wash with extra shampoo, multiple times to get all of the oil out. Gently towel dry your hair to remove excess water.

The last step is to reapply a small amount of oil to help seal in the moisture. I like using Uplift Intimate Massage Oil. Apply a penny-size amount to your palms, warming it up by rubbing your hands together. If you have long locks, start with a quarter-size. Work the oil into your hair, focusing on the ends. Allow your hair to air dry and minimize the use of any styling products or tools, such as a blow dryer or hair straightener. Once dried, you should be able to go about styling it as you normally would.

Hopefully you’ll find that your hair is soft to the touch, has a pleasant scent and a healthy shine.

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Person gently touching their skin.

Person touching their skin. (Jacob Lund/Adobe Stock)

The second creative use? Skin moisturizer!

I have eczema, which can cause pain and dis-figuration to my skin when I have a flare up. Thankfully, my condition is fairly mild, but every now and then I need a little extra help sealing in moisture. That’s where our Oils come into play.

First I like to soften my skin, either by taking a shower or wetting the target area. In my case I have eczema on my hands, so I submerge them under warm running water from my sink for a few seconds.

Gently pat your skin dry with a towel and apply a small amount of oil to the surface. I suggest using Serene Intimate Massage Oil. Evenly distribute it across the desired area. As with the hair oil treatment, take your time with massaging the product into your skin. You may also choose to combine it with another moisturizer, such as a lotion. In this case, I recommend applying the lotion first followed by our Oil.

Your skin should feel soft and smooth. And yes, this will make it slightly greasy.

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Person applying facial moisturizer to their cheeks.

Applying facial moisturizer to cheeks. (metamorworks/Adobe Stock)

Last but not least, try using them as a facial moisturizer.

I suspect most of us are cautious about what we put on our faces. That being said, I’ve found our Intimate Massage Oils to be a nice complement to my skincare routine.

A painter needs a canvas to paint. Oil needs a wet surface in order for its moisture sealing properties to work. If your skin is dry and flaky, you need to soften it with water before proceeding.

Start with a small amount of oil applied to the palm of your hands, 2-3 drops will do. Remember, you can always add more later. I recommend our Uplift Intimate Massage Oil. Rub your hands together, working the product across the surface of your palms and fingers. Once the oil is warmed up, gently press your hands onto your face, avoiding the eye area. Don’t be afraid to get the oil into your hairline.

After you’ve evenly coated your face through this method, give yourself a gentle massage by making small, circular strokes with your finger tips. Make sure not to tug or pull on the skin. If you’re incorporating our Oil as a part of your beauty regimen, I suggest using it as the last step before applying sunscreen.

Your skin should have a healthy shine and smooth texture.

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Squeezing avocado oil from a glass dropper into a jar.

Organically versatile.

At Hip Hemp, we strive to bring you products that not only make you feel great, but that are good for your health. The reason that our Intimate Massage Oils can be used for a wide variety of applications is because of what’s in them: plant-based, organic oils! That’s it, nothing fancy. No added fillers, estrogen, soy, nuts, wheat or anything else that you can think of. It is that simple.

Each product starts with a foundation of Hemp Seed Oil. We layer in various carrier oils and essential oils to bring you a rich blend of botanicals in three distinct moods: Serene, Unwind and Uplift.

For a deep dive into the ingredients list for each Oil, check out our blog on Botanical Ingredients.

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Like any beauty trick, these won’t work for everyone. Give them a try and see if they help you achieve your desired beauty outcomes. You may find that you need to fine tune any number of steps I’ve outlined, and that’s okay! If you’re concerned about potential acne breakouts, apply a small amount of one of our Oils to a discreet location where you tend to experience them. If you do have a breakout, it may be the result of using our Oil. In this case, I would try one of our other Oils to see if you have better results or discontinue use altogether.

Interested in buying one of our three Oils but not sure where to start? Our Intimate Massage Oils sampler pack is perfect for first-time users. It comes with three 15ml tubes of oil, each in one of our 3 moods: Serene, Unwind, Uplift.

What other creative uses have you discovered? Share your ideas and let us know how these 3 beauty tricks work for you by sending us an email at info@hiphemp.com.



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