As we get closer to narrowing down our product for purchasing, the orders are flying in!  Do not lose out on this free product, all we ask is that you give us some feedback and that is what you are doing!  Thank you

Here are a few of our comments we received.

“I love Hip Hemp.  It has helped.  I have MS and am post-menopausal so I am grateful for this product.  No more painful intercourse.  More sensation. Huge Difference!”

“It would be great if the tube could be opened/closed with one hand” 

Our product that will be available for purchase will come with a pump, which will make it easier than the screw top.  This is our sample/travel size so this one will not come with a pump.

“I have had no side effects as with other products thus far!”

“Oil was leaking out while sleeping”

We are advising our clients that if the oil is leaking out, you may not need to use the moisture drops as often or at all.  Take a few nights off from the moisture drops and try it again. If you are still leaking a fair amount, then you may not need the drops.

“This product has made a huge difference.  Huge! No more pain.  More enjoyment”

“After six nights, I can already tell a difference in the elasticity of the vagina. I am excited to see what a few weeks can do!”

“The lubricant is the best I have every experienced-exceptional product!”

“Not sure if moisture drops made a difference.  Leaked out over night with one application, probably my fault with application”

When inserting the moisture drop it is safe to push the drop as far into the vagina that you can reach and that is comfortable.  If you try another couple of times and still have extra fluid in the morning, you may not need the moisture drop.