“My sex life has never been better! My skin is normally very sensitive to lubricants so going through “chemo pause” I didn’t want to use anything synthetic and at the same time really needed moisture for day to day comfort as well as for sexual comfort.  No irritation at all and application doesn’t leave me scrubbing my hands to pieces to get the moisture off.  You have truly changed my life at such a tender time of my life.  The capsules are so amazing pop one in and I can feel when they melt.  The special formulations created smell amazing and are great also following sex and have allowed for better frequency and less down time. The moisture feels very soothing and comforting and even erotic.  I can’t thank you enough.  I’m young and was so scared my sex life was going to change drastically and be non-existent and now I feel like it’s just the beginning and haven’t been happier.  Thank you for the bottom of my heart!”