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3 Creative Uses For Intimate Massage Oils

3 Creative Uses For Intimate Massage Oils Other than “intimate” massage ;-P   Hip Hemp | Dante Haruna Published May 13, 2020   Pouring oil from a jug into a bowl. (New Africa/Adobe Stock) You are interested in trying our line of Intimate Massage Oils for the first time and you love multipurpose [...]

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Breast Cancer Conversations Podcast with Angela and Alicia Duncan

diagnosed-with-stage-iii-at-27-and-thriving-8-years-later-or-interivew-with-alicia-duncan   Listen to this amazing podcast hosted by as Alicia shares her journey of how she fought breast cancer.  And Angela shares why Hip Hemp products were designed and how they help women who struggle with the side effects of losing estrogen.

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The First Signs of Menopuase

The First Signs of Menopause Angela Duncan, M.S. and Mary Jane Haake, CPCP Perimenopause is referred to as the final cessation of your menstrual cycle and the time in which you will start the journey of menopause and menopausal symptoms. Mood swings, hot flashes, weight gain and vaginal dryness are just a few of the [...]

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Talk: Intimacy After Breast Cancer

Our clients who are breast cancer survivors have expressed the concern about vaginal dryness and atrophy because of their breast cancer.  This can make intimacy very difficult and can be very frustrating and depressing for our survivors.  Hip Hemp's In The Pink is an organic solution to these problems. is hosting Angela for a [...]

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Join Angela and for a webinar all about sexuall wellness after breast cancer

Tue, Sep 24 | Location TBD | Sexual Wellness | Angela will be talking all things "In the Pink" which offers all natural solutions to supporting women's health and sexual wellness. Vaginal moisturizers were designed for women who experience discomfort during intercourse due to dryness and are looking for relief. Vaginal atrophy is almost inevitable [...]

Join Angela and for a webinar all about sexuall wellness after breast cancer2019-12-30T00:11:31+00:00

Buying CBD for the First Time? Read This Guide.

As with medical marijuana, the wonderful world of CBD can be slightly overwhelming for a newbie because the mainstream media is going crazy about its health benefits. More companies are popping up selling a variety of different CBD products, such as vape pens, capsules, gummies, and other edibles, CBD isolate, a tincture or two, and [...]

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Conquering Vaginismus

The definition of Vaginismus is “painful spasmodic contractions of the vagina in response to physical contact or pressure”. The problem women with vaginismus face is that any time they try to insert an object such as a penis, tampon or speculum into the vagina, the walls tighten up because of an involuntary contraction of the [...]

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Mistress Heather’s Review

Mistress Heather Sexcapades wrote a review about our products. She had this to say: "I tried the intimate massage oil first. It was pretty fantastic. Not only did it make me feel so soft with out any kind of oily feel. I also discovered that it is great for soothing a bit of razor burn. [...]

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