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Hip Hemp

Hip Hemp
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Alicia D
Alicia D
20:48 25 Jan 19
Great customer service, quick shipping. The product is amazing and everything a breast cancer survivor needs and... really a women in general.read more
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Miracle Balm!

“I have been suffering from sciatica for many years and have tried multiple different creams, home remedies, brand name items that swear it gives you relief.  I have to say that at first some of the products gave me a little relief, temporary relief but none were able to do for me what your Hip Hemp Rejuvenating Balm has done.  When I first use the balm it gives me almost immediate relief that lasts for many hours.  I normally apply in the morning and then before bed.  Now it has actually begun to heal the affected area!  The relief I get from the pain gives me a chance to do physical therapy stretches which help to speed up the healing.

I have and will continue to recommend this product to anyone and everyone.  When I use the balm I do not need to take as much IB Profin or other pain medications that can cause more damage to my body.   Thank you Hip Hemp for creating such a wonderful “miracle balm”.

Sherri K.  Salem, OR.

The Best Lip Balm on the Market

As a dyed-in-the-wool minimalist, I am a consumer of few products. I recently discovered the best lip balm on the market from Hip Hemp™. Lip balm is a product that I have been using for decades. And usually I have to apply the lip balm several times a day. Not so with Hip Hemp lip balm. I applied it once in the morning and didn’t need to apply it again the rest of the day.

It is GREAT! I highly recommend it.


Relief from Neuropathy

I am a stage 3 breast cancer survivor who suffers from lymphedema in my right arm and neuropathy in both of my feet. This was caused by the cancer and the treatment that saved my life from the cancer. The neuropathy in my feet was so bad that I would wake up in the middle of the night and ping pong off the walls because I couldn’t feel my feet. I also broke my ankle and leg in 3 different places while hiking, again because I could not feel my feet, so I did not know that I stepped on a rock that was raised up just enough to cause this horrible accident. I had to be rescued off the mountain by search and rescue, all because of neuropathy.

The doctor’s prescribed me three different types of medication that either did not work very well, or if they did work cost an arm and a broken leg even with insurance. I was introduced to Hip Hemp’s CBD calming and rejuvenating balm for pain that I was having from my day to day life. One night before bed I put some of the calming on my feet and bad ankle because they were achy from the day of hard work. I woke up in the middle of the night half expecting to lose my balance from lack of feeling in my feet and to my surprise, I had feeling, and it was not painful!

I decided to try the calming balm the next night, and same results! No pain and no numbness. I thought I would give the rejuvenating a try one night since the peppermint seemed like a great idea on feet. Well, let’s just say that my peppermint feet under a hot blanket was probably not a good idea. The rejuvenating balm is nice for muscle, skin and feet when I am not going to restrict the air flow to my body. I still use calming balm every night on my feet and with the help from my doctor, I am slowly tapering off my neuropathy medications!

I decided to write this long testimonial because of another amazing experience I had with the CBD balms from Hip Hemp™. Not only do I have a history of neuropathy, but I also am prone to cellulites in my right arm. I had to have my lymph nodes removed because the cancer had spread into that area from the lump in my breast. Anytime I get a cut or scratched anywhere on my right arm or hand, it never fails that I get cellulites.

One night before going to bed I noticed that my arm was red and warm to the touch, I instantly knew that it was because of cellulites and I need to get into the doctor for an antibiotic. Unfortunately, it was a Sunday, and I was not about to pay the outrages cost of an ER or urgent care visit. I took a picture of my arm and emailed it to my doctor, knowing I will need antibiotics.

As I was rubbing CBD on my feet, I thought why not give it a try on my arm? I had my wife do a “lymph drain” and massage some CBD oil into my skin. The next morning, I got up and my arm was no longer red or warm to the touch. I received an email later that day from my doctor that she had called in some antibiotics for my arm as just by looking at the pictures she could tell it is indeed cellulites. I did pick up the antibiotics just in case I need them. That night I had my wife rub some more on my arm and do another lymph node massage just to make sure that the cellulites stays away.

I am amazed to say that a week later I still have no signs of cellulites and have not started the antibiotics.

Benefits Without the Greasy Feeling

Just wanted to thank you for such a great balm. I love it more than any other I’ve tried. Not only does it do what I need it to…it’s NOT GREASY. I can have the benefits without the greasy feeling.

I do recommend it and will be ordering more.


Joint Pain and CBD Topical

I was having a lot of joint pain in my right thumb and my Acupuncturist suggested that I try a CBD topical. As a result I started using Hip Hemp’s Calming Balm about a week ago and what a difference it has made! It really has “calmed” the pain and the bonus is that it is such a rich lotion with a very nice light fragrance. I would recommend this product to anyone suffering from joint pain. Joyce

Cellulitus and CBD

Alicia is very prone to getting cellulitis in her arm because she has had her lymph nodes removed because of cancer. I noticed on Sunday night her arm was very hot and red. She sent a note to her doctor with pictures but I decided to try the CBD Balm on her arm along with a lymph drainage massage. I am not even kidding her arm was back to normal Monday morning.

In the meantime, the doctor replied and said to absolutely go on antibiotics it is definitely cellulitis just from looking at the pictures. Alicia decided to wait and see what happens, so again last night I put the CBD Calming Balm on her arm and did a lymph massage. Still, it looks great!

I did pick up her meds just in case, she does need to start taking them but holy cow! That is seriously amazing! It makes sense it works because the CBD goes to that layer of skin that as the “itis” and calms the inflammation.

CBD Balm for aches and pains

I highly recommend both of Hip Hemp’s CBD Balms. I have chronic leg, ankle, and back pain. I’ve tried heating pads, Icy/Hot, Tylenol (can’t take NSAIDs), muscle relaxants (make me nauseated), and more. I’ve gone to massage therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, and physical therapists. I’ve tried yoga and using foam rollers. Heat helps some and so does Icy/Hot, however, both aren’t really meant to be used forever, and the heating pad is difficult to use while traveling.

Angela from Hip Hemp recommended the CBD Balms for me to try. I’ve tried both the Calming and Rejuvenating Balms and they are great!

They both help relax my muscles and alleviate the pain. The Rejuvenating Balm has peppermint in it, which does wonders for achy muscles (although it makes my cat want to eat it), and the Calming Balm has a milder scent but still does wonders. These balms have helped me sleep better and not think as much about my chronic pain. Everyone should buy them today!