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Mistress Heather’s Review

Mistress Heather Sexcapades wrote a review about our products. She had this to say: "I tried the intimate massage oil first. It was pretty fantastic. Not only did it make me feel so soft with out any kind of oily feel. I also discovered that it is great for soothing a bit of razor burn. [...]

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All natural products that work!

Vaginal atrophy and moisture loss are a common and uncomfortable challenge for many women especially in the peri and post menopause years. I always recommend pelvic floor physiotherapy and finding a good moisturizer for your vagina - one that is natural and not synthetic is best. When I came across Hip Hemp I was thrilled [...]

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Best Products for Sex After Cancer

During our first Sexual Health After Cancer Workshop at Rehab Specialists Physical Therapy Treatment Center, I gathered with an intimate group of women to talk about sexuality, sex after cancer treatment, and hold space while exploring sexual health from a mind-body approach. I recommended several products that are specifically aimed to aid women and their [...]

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This is why we do what we do

Without our clients we would not be in business.  We do this for you! When we hear some great feedback such as the latest from below, we have to share with everyone. "Wanted to say thank you very much. I contacted you about a week ago and you sent me a beautiful sample pack. I [...]

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Feed back from Dr. Pizzulli

"Hello, Angela - It was great hearing from you! I, myself, used your In the Pink products and am thoroughly excited about the results! I've been dealing with some pretty bad vaginal atrophy post menopause and had not been able to tolerate any penetrative sex. I used the moisture beads for 28 days and I [...]

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Thank you for the amazing feedback on our intimate lubricants.

“the scent is amazing with just the right proportions of aromatherapy” “These products are likely my favorite, keep making great products” “The cancer treatment I am on dries my skin and I have split skin, but the intimate massage oil really helps me with that” “The lubricant had no stinging or burning, I give that [...]

Thank you for the amazing feedback on our intimate lubricants.2019-12-30T00:10:45+00:00

We are thrilled our Moisture Drops are providing relief.

“Absolutely an amazing product! Provides relief when I’m feeling dry and is great before and after intimacy.” “This product was the most effective product that I have found for my vaginal atrophy”. “The moisture drops help my dryness and fragile skin from menopause” “The moisture drops have provided great relief during my chemotherapy”

We are thrilled our Moisture Drops are providing relief.2019-12-30T00:10:45+00:00

We love to read your reviews

Thank you to all who have participated in this journey with us. Would not be possible without you! “This product was the most effective I have found for my vaginal atrophy.  It has given me the most normalcy I have had for years.” “This is a wonderful product.  I have already shared with two friends [...]

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Some more feedback to share

“I’m recommending these to my cancer survivor clients.  Thrilled to have an alternative to estrogen-based products to recommend for their medication-related symptoms.  Thank you!” “My gynecologist recommended your product, where can I purchase these from?” We are working very hard in finalizing the product, the more your feedback comes in the closer it gets us [...]

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