A vagina is like a self-cleaning oven with just the right amount of lactic acid, hydrogen peroxide and other substances to inhibit the growth of unwanted organisms and yeast. The main purpose of the vaginal flora is to protect against infection. There are many things that women do that can disrupt this natural balance and leave her more susceptible to sexually transmitted diseases, yeast infections and other unpleasant conditions.

Bacterial vaginosis (BV) occurs when the normal vaginal flora is upset and there is a loss of lactobacilli (good bacteria). When the flora is disturbed a woman may start to notice an odor, itching, discharge and sometimes pain during urination.

What do we do every day that can lead to BV? Factors that contribute may include damage caused by giving birth, stress, health issues, medications, tight clothing, synthetic underwear, bad hygiene, cosmetic products, hormonal changes, and body washes. Many of those beautiful smelling body washes have perfumes or other fillers that can throw off your vaginal flora. Friction caused by penetration, if not sufficiently lubricated is another leading cause of BV.

Let’s discuss the different types of lubricants available. These can be water, mineral oil, silicone, or plant-based. Water-based lubricants are non-staining and easy to wash off, but may not offer long lasting glide. Silicone-based lubricants are thicker and last longer but are harder to wash off. I could not even begin to pronounce the chemical ingredients I found in some of these
lubricants. Oil-based lubricants are found to be the least likely to irritate vaginal or anal tissues. Lastly, plant-based lubricants are generally considered safe and are organic.

Studies show that the chemicals in products such as KY Jelly, Gynol II and Astroglide can kill the good bacteria that keeps your vagina healthy. These, and some other lubricants have Parabens, microbicides, glycols and preservatives that can be concerning. Parabens are preservatives that mimic the female sex hormone, which can throw off the endocrine system function in both males and females. This is the same hormone that has been detected in breast tumors. Glycols are molecules that are used for maintaining moisture. These are found in Durex Play Feel, ID Glide and Woman Nude. Too much glycol can lead to BV.

This leaves water-based, oil or plant-based lubricants. If you decide to try a water-based lubricant be sure you read the other ingredients included. Astroglide is a water-based lubricant but also has Parabens which can throw off the pH balance of a woman’s flora.

I have heard it said that “if it is safe enough to eat, it is safe enough to put into your vagina”. Although I am not recommending putting food in your vagina, this is just to illustrate the point. This saying makes me think of organic, natural and healthy, which leads me to oil based lubricants. There are many oil based lubricants on the market that are formulated with petrochemical derivatives and/or silicone oils. But I have found very few companies that are like Hip Hemp’s In the Pink products, which do not use mineral oils as their base, but use botanical oils.

Hip Hemp’s In the Pink products are as natural and organic as you can get. The intimate massage oils can be used on the skin and also as a lubricant. The natural botanical ingredients nourish your skin and offer tissue repair, lubrication and pain control. Every massage oil has its own enhancements to meet your specific needs.

There are no added fillers and absolutely no estrogen in Hip Hemp’s products, which makes them safe for breast cancer patients as well.